Hi there! 

I'm Franco. I play to win, come up with crazy ideas and love to help others.

About This Blog

This is my personal blog where I'll share my thoughts and analysis on anything related to my core passions: startups, building web and mobile products, growth, and exciting new technologies.

My Story

I’m a technologist and entrepreneur. I think about, build and execute on strategies that help create and scale companies. 

Drawing from established markets, sub-cultures, global trends, and exciting new technologies, I try to understand how these can all impact and benefit a group of users, distilling this information into product, marketing, business development, and growth strategies.

Currently, I’m at Fullscript, a health tech startup focused on building the best practice software for integrative practitioners, enabling them to transform their practices through business model efficiencies and new technologies.

Previous Work

Before joining Fullscript, I was the Head of Partnerships and Growth at a mobile consumer startup called PopKey, a portfolio company of WorkshopX. There I helped create the product roadmap around user growth and helped develop an early advertising platform between publishers & content creators and PopKey users. I also coordinated and executed: PR campaigns, marketing campaigns, social & community building, , content creation, and more.

Some of the PR campaigns included: Major V2 Release, Launch of Starbucks Partnership, PopKey for Desktop, and coordinating with Apple App Store team for Special Banner Features.

Some of the accounts I identified, negotiated, and closed included: Starbucks, Viacom (MTV), MLB, Redbull, Funny or Die, theCHIVE, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, VEVO, and more. Additionally, I worked closely with world-class agencies like: Team 1, Redbull Media House, 360i, OMD, and more. 

Previous to PopKey, I was working on Business Development & Partnerships for another WorkshopX portfolio company called CanvasPop. In this role, I was responsible for revenue generating marketing campaigns and partnerships. 

I worked closely with partners and other related industry brands like: DODOcase, Adobe, and Oloclip among others. I also grew the third party developers network, which leveraged the CanvasPop API to facilitate printing through our infrastructure. I worked on and closed partnerships with companies like Corel and other popular iPhone apps.

Previous to this role, I was also leading Marketing & Growth with Guides.co, an online educational platform that pioneered a new type of interactive content format. 

I’m also the co-founder, co-host and producer of Hack To Start, a podcast that’s focused on interesting people and the innovative ways they achieve success. The show launched in October 2014, and has seen more than 300,000 downloads on iTunes alone, reaching #1 in Business News & Business categories. He’s interviewed more than 100 founders, CEOs, venture capitalists, and executives from companies like: Uber, Facebook,  Product Hunt, Adobe, Stripe, Shopify, Dropbox, Creative Market, 500 Startups, Betaworks, Union Square Ventures, Frontline Ventures, and more!


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