Hack To Start Featured
On 500 Startups' Blog

While I haven’t had an opportunity to blog about it since announcing the launch, Tyler Copeland and I run an awesome podcast called Hack To Start – where we’re on a mission to interview cool, interesting, and innovative people who are out there making it happen in some way or another.

It’s been an amazing journey so far as we ended 2014 with our first 25 episodes – we wrote a recap post about it then – and now quickly approaching our 50th (new post due soon!).

But one cool opportunity developed a few weeks back that I wanted to share. We had just finished recording an episode with the awesome Susan Su from 500 Startups and Susan asked if we’d be willing to write a blog post about our experience and insights building Hack To Start for her to share with other founders.

While not being experts on the subject, we accepted none the less and you can find the post on the 500 Startups Blog here.

But the story isn’t ours alone to share. Both Tyler and I have been greatly influenced by many other entrepreneurs and podcasters. I wrote a list of some of them here a few weeks back.

Some of these entrepreneurs I mentioned in the post that appeared on 500 Startups, notably: Espree Devora from We Are LA Tech, and Ryan Hoover from Product Hunt Radio

But there are so many more that also deserve credit, so thanks to everyone who’s help us get here, to all those who are willing to share their stories and time with us, and most of all to those fans and listeners who support us and Hack To Start.


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