Startup Grind Ottawa:
Interview with Aaron Zifkin, GM, Airbnb Canada

Startup Grind Ottawa had the pleasure of hosting Aaron Zifkin, the country manager for Airbnb here in Canada at the WorkshopX offices in trendy Hintonburg.

The Event

Some of the most important points Aaron had to share with us about business, community, and the future of the sharing economy included:
  • Airbnb isn’t a tech company – it’s an experience and people company.
  • Do things that don’t scale – don’t just say it. Do it.
  • It took Airbnb 4 years to get to 1 million bookings. On August 8, 2015, they did 1 million bookings in a single night.
  • Don’t assume others are thinking about what you’re thinking of – ask the tough questions and critical questions.
  • Do a couple of things really, really, well. At the end of the year, you’ll only be remember for a few things you did really well or tanked at.
  • Getting “in trouble” is healthy because it forces you to re-evaluate the process.
  • You can’t assume people understand what you’re doing. Be invested and educate others.
You can watch the full video of the event here. Thanks to Robert Decher for recording the event. Thanks to Jason Connell & Invest Ottawa for their help & support as well.

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