Startup Grind Ottawa:
Interview with Ethan Song, CEO, Frank+Oak

Startup Grind Ottawa had the pleasure of hosting Ethan Song, the co-founder and CEO of Frank & Oak at the WorkshopX offices.

The Interview

Some of the most important points Ethan had to share with us about business, community, and the future of retail / ecommerce included:

  • There are so many things that you have to do well – having the best product is not enough.
  • There was no solid idea, we didn’t have a background in tech, we didn’t have a background in fashion (…) We wanted to do something that impacted lots of people.
  • The pain point that we had to solve was making shopping simpler and more engaging for the customer.
  • You need to first understand what you want to do as an entrepreneur and then find investors that align with that.
  • If you’re not thinking of mobile commerce, you’re already 5-10 years late.
  • Having a localized space enables us to have a deeper relationship with our customers and offering them a unique & engaging touchpoint.
  • What you sell and who your target audience is are not the same thing.

You can watch the full video of the event here.

Thanks to Robert Decher for recording the event. Thanks to Jason Connell & Invest Ottawa for their help & support as well.

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